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Career & Life Coaching Programs

The five things you need to know

  1. Because I focus on quality of service and successful results, space is limited.
  2. You must put in the work to achieve your desired results.  
  3. What sets these programs apart from other coaching programs, is that I don't just coach it, I lived it. I have been where you are now. I have 20 year's experience in helping change lives. 
  4. I am a coach, NOT a therapist, counselor or consultant.
  5. Change after the age of 40 can be challenging, but change maybe required to live the life you want and deserve. You can do this; I believe in you!


Career & Job Coaching Program consist of learning how to:

  • Create value driven job seeker documents
  • Conduct a successful job search
  • Interview and get the job
  • Negotiation a starting salary 

R.A.P.I.D. Change Program stands for:

  • Recognizing that you are unhappy and unfulfilled and you need to change and move toward holistic health and balance.
  • Acknowledging your problems and own your solution.
  • Planning the necessary steps required to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Implementing the actions required to achieve the desired results. 
  • Doing the implemented actions until they become habit forming and repeatedly giving you the desired results.



  • Gain happiness and inner-peace by getting your dream job
  • Live and love life unconditionally
  • Do what you love
  • Reduced stress

I am ready to make the change

Learn The Steps to Getting A Job After Age 40


The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Career and Job Search Campaign to Help You Standout


The Learn The Steps to Getting A Job After Age 40 is for those aged 40 and over who do not know what it takes to have a successful career or how to land that dream job and are becoming discouraged every day with their current job status.

The emphases of this program is learning how to stand out from the competition and provide you with the necessary career and job seeking tools necessary to not just get a J.O.B., but to have the career you want, the position you desire at the salary that will allow you and your family to live life the way you want and deserve in any job market

You will receive:

  • career and job search tools & techniques
  • encouragement
  • motivation
  • clarity
  • direction

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Learn 5 Helpful Steps to Make A Lifestyle Change After 40

The Ultimate Guide to Develop an All New Outlook on Life


The Learn 5 Helpful Steps to Make A Lifestyle Change After 40 Course is for those aged 40 and over who are unhappy and unfulfilled in their current career and life. The emphases of the program is developing an all-new outlook on life. 

This course will meet the needs of any person with the interest in making a change in their career and life, but is intended for those aged 40 and over. Participants should know it is never too late to transform their lives, by embracing change and creating an effective plan to successfully transition for greater success and better holistic health and balance.

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Over the years, I have worked with a great number of adults seeking career coaching and mentorship. As a result, one thing became clear to me early on: the way we prepare our workforce here in America is troubling. A large number of adults have no idea what it takes to have a successful career. The truth is, a successful career doesn’t happen by accident. It requires technical skills (hard skills) necessitated by your industry, as well as soft skills that include effective overall communication and a strong work ethic. I’ve discovered many individuals do not know how to conduct themselves during an interview or understand what is considered appropriate business attire. Many incredibly talented people undermine their own success because they have no confidence in themselves or their abilities. What’s most distressing of all is that the inability to master a few key elements that lead to career success has led to people simply giving up on themselves. And while they seldom realize it, they’ve also given up on God.

I’ve written this book for those entering the workforce, the unemployed and underemployed—those who are continuously rejected after applying for jobs, but have no idea why. 

This book is also for those of you who want more out of life, a more successful career, and a stronger relationship with God, which leads to emotional well-being and less stress.


"Robinson has plenty of good suggestions in this book to help one get in the right frame of mind when looking to find a job. " 



Derrick D.

"I am of the staunchest belief that there is no finer life & career coach than mine; Earnest Robinson, Jr. He incorporates real life issues with a spiritual connection. He listens, analyzes, interprets and guides. He is committed to you and will work for you, guide you, take the journey with you.

Thank you, Earnest. God bless."

Alexus O.

"Earnest is truly an AMAZING person. Earnest will always be there for you. He will motivate you and push you, and make you see things that you didn't see in yourself before.

He is a teacher, supporter, and a friend. If you're thinking of hiring someone as a coach, Earnest Robinson is your guy!"

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